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2013-07-28 13.35.45

My friend came for a visit last Sunday, and after mulling over what to do, we decided on lunch at the healthy-ish food chain Lemonade followed by a couple hours walk down the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Tip: Try arriving before noon and finding 2-hour free street parking a few blocks up from the boardwalk. We ended up parking up by Lemonade, then walking the 0.8 miles to the beach afterwards. Parking right by the beach is minimum $15, and it’s super crowded.

It was my first time at Lemonade, and while I liked it, I agree with the consensus that it’s overpriced. The actual lemonades run $3 each, and entrees can be up to $6 a portion if you don’t order wisely. Avoid the hot items and go instead for the cold, cafeteria-style row of dishes when you first come in. They have everything from kale salad to mango chicken, for a much more reasonable price. I ordered 3 portions, which was more than enough for one person, for $7.50 altogether. You can get a large plate of portions to share with a friend, further lowering the cost per person.

2013-07-28 13.34.11

Large graffiti Van Gogh mimic titled “Starry Knight” on the side of a building.

The boardwalk was one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been. Lots of strange people and strange shops (medical marijuana prescriptions appear popular). The beach looked lovely and uncrowded though, and there were plenty of activities (e.g. a tennis court, a random gym, and a zip line).