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This post is a bit late, but with cruise season once again in swing, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the miscellaneous activities, including shows and shopping. Note that I was on the Norwegian line.

One thing you should consider taking advantage of is the duty-free shopping onboard the ship. I’d recommend you hold out until the final days, as that’s when they usually start discounting the merchandise. They carry a large assortment of perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and miscellaneous other goods. I was seriously mulling over getting a Michael Kors watch, but figured I could probably score one for a better price online later (which I did).

While my mom picked up a souvenir sweater, I got a shell necklace and an Estee Lauder lipstick (shade Crystal Baby), during our last day on the cruise.

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The shows are also quite decent, with the exception of the cheesy first one.

To be honest, aside from this there’s not all that much to do on the ship itself. The activities are geared towards an older, sedentary audience, so expect corny mystery games, karaoke, and the like.

Overall I had a great time and still think back fondly to the trip.