As I gear up for the final months before the CFA (which btw is way, WAY more content than I originally expected), I’ve learned a couple study tips that I thought it’d be helpful to share:

1. Text to Audio programs: If you have electronic readings, I highly recommend downloading a program like Balabolka that essentially lets you paste in text and convert it into an mp3 audio file. You can then move this file to your phone (I use the dropbox app to export it, since I can’t connect my Android directly in) and study on the go. Just a few examples of when I listen to it:

  • Driving 
  • Doing chores
  • Anytime I want to rest my eyes

It’s really, really helpful, and the narration is surprisingly clear. You can also change the speed of the reading; I do +1 which is fast without being incomprehensible.

2. Take notes! I used to think it’d be more efficient if I just breeze through the reading without having to stop for note-taking, but I quickly realized that you need an immediate, easy reference to refer to afterwards. Nothing sucks more than thinking back a few days later and realizing you’re not sure about a formula, then having to dig through the book again to find it. I now take notes on anything I think I may forget later, such as equations, lists of criteria, etc. It also helps cement the concept as you write it down.

Please feel free to share your best tips too!