I made a quick trip back up to Seattle this past week, and it made me feel rather nostalgic. It also made me remember certain aspects of the culture that I always found to be an odd mix of endearing and frustrating. The first, that everyone on the plane over and back will be talking about Seattle, whether it be about how much they like it, how the weather frustrates them, or how they ended up there. It’s similarly like that anytime you first meet someone there, as nearly every first conversation will be about why you’re both in Seattle.

I think it’s quaint, but gets a bit repetitive after the first few times. Realistically speaking, most people are up there because 1) They moved over to enjoy the city’s laid-back culture and intellectual scene, 2) They had no choice because they’re working at a place like Amazon, Microsoft, or Boeing, or 3) They were born in the area and haven’t bothered to move or decided to settle back there. I have yet to hear any answer that doesn’t fit in these buckets. I always found the questions irritating, as if I had to justify why I’m up in Seattle. I haven’t encountered such pressure anywhere else I’ve traveled, whether to Sacramento, LA, SF, NY, or Raleigh.


Anyways, it was still nice to be back briefly, and I made sure to take full advantage of the time to enjoy some nice Tom Douglas meals. One of these included the famed “Tom’s Big Breakfast” over at Lola, which is an odd mix of octopus, eggs, and veggies. Truthfully you probably couldn’t even tell it’s octopus, as the strong flavors and other ingredients pretty much cover it up. A bit too salty for my liking, but still good.

20130129_220201I had the luck of staying at the lovely Hotel Andra, which is literally right on top of Lola on 4th Avenue. A nice little boutique hotel, and I would definitely return. 20130129_220212If I’m ever back, the goal will be to try the soft-egg pizza from Serious Pie. Along with a few more doughnuts from Top Pot.