Last weekend I fought the heavy traffic over to do some shopping at both The Grove and the Beverly Center. It was fun, but I’d definitely recommend going during a less rushed period of the year. Parking was awful, as was the general traffic in both areas.

Beverly Center

20121215_134854I only came here because I wanted to visit the Henri Bendel’s store.


The store isn’t very big, but carries some of the most popular new items.20121215_135421

Their stuff (especially the jewelry) is generally much better looking in person than on camera / online. Beautifully crafted and very, very shiny. I’ve noticed they tend to do really great sales online though (in store is generally full-price, bleh). As a tip, they have free return shipping on all orders.


Also stopped by Sephora and Forever 21. Lame thing about the Beverly Center is they have non-validation parking, meaning you’ll always get charged. It’s $1/hour for the first three hours.

The Grove


In contrast, The Grove gives you one free hour of parking, though if you stay from  1-3 hours it goes to a flat $3. 20121215_160513

It was so crowded that I ended up having to park at the top level (8), which sucks in terms of having to wind up the lot multiple times, but was great from a view perspective. You can see sweeping scenes of not just the Grove itself, but also the Hollywood sign and Downtown LA.

20121215_160638 20121215_160712


It’s definitely a lovely shopping mall on its own, but the combination of Christmas lights, Santa’s house, and general festivities made it even more exciting.20121215_170655 20121215_175114 20121215_17522120121215_182205 (1) 20121215_182623

There was a random little section labeled “The Hobbit”, which I suppose was an outdoor exhibition of some sort. Not terribly exciting though, as it mainly just contained light-up posters of the cast and some cheap props (seriously, the staff was labeled “Made in China” on the bottom)20121215_183214

20121215_183123 I’d recommend coming to see the lights in wintertime, but try not to cut it too close to Christmas, or you’ll find yourself fighting the crowds.

Hope everyone has finished their shopping and is ready for Christmas!