Alright, had to share some of the packages I received in my mailbox today. First:


I’ve been needing a new night cream, and won this from Lucky, which is pretty exciting.

And next:


FINALLY! This is something I’ve been mulling over for almost a year now – a rose-gold Michael Kors watch. The price was right, and I’m so excited. At last, a watch with the date on it so I won’t forget! It’s the 38mm face, which I tried on several times at the store before confirming. I have pretty tiny wrists, but it doesn’t look overwhelming.

hand sanitizerThis is more on the side, but here’s the stash of mini hand sanitizers I picked up from Bath and Body Works (I also have Midnight Pomegranate). I LOVE these, and seriously sometimes just use them for the heck of it hah. Each of these smells great, and I like that the scent lingers on your hands rather than just disappearing after it dries. Apples is a bit too sweet though. Can’t say I have an overall favorite, though Midnight Pomegranate certainly smells classy.