The holidays are here, and for some reason it feels like everyone’s more excited this year than ever before. Maybe it’s a consequence of my plans to spend the season alone for the first time (usually I at least make it back for Christmas), but the sales and general jolly spirit seem amplified.


The great thing I’ve discovered? Disneyland and all of its associated shops (Downtown Disney) are open 365 days a year. I decided to go for an evening shopping trip on Thanksgiving, and it was like a breath of fresh air to see the crowds and people on a typically ghostly quiet day. 20121122_172334


Earl of Sandwiches – from the Chicken Chipotle Avocado one I tried, I can tell you it’s worth the hype


Rainforest cafe – seriously haven’t been in one of these since junior high


OMG I wanted to take this home. He’s called a “Hugging” doll because his big head literally falls right over your shoulder. SO CUTE!!20121122_173208

An awesome, large Sephora – that’s open any day of the year!


Amazing Lego statues in the Lego store


Of course I’ve also done plenty of shopping, though more of the window type so far. My family doesn’t have a tradition of gifts, and I generally find the after-New Year’s sales to be MUCH better. I may splurge on a couple of gift sets though – I’m eyeing the Fresh lip balm sets.


Neiman Marcus / Target collab – I wasn’t too impressed with the collection. At least in the store it seemed a bit haphazard, with random things like flasks, children’s dresses, a bike, and only a few women’s clothing items. I’m thinking these will end up on sale at some point.

Anyways, happy December 1st! (at least on the West Coast) In the spirit of the holidays, I’m going to try putting out more blog posts this month. Stay warm!