Moving to LA has one great advantage – fashion flexibility! Not to say that other cities aren’t fashionable (Seattle had quite the upscale scene), but there does seem to be a greater availability and emphasis on fashion under the balmy CA sun. I’m able to pull out and wear dresses that sat in my closet for literal months through Seattle’s rains and chill, and I’m loving how cheery the warm weather is making me feel.

It’s also amazing how affordable things are. I’ve frequented the Citadel Outlets, and wow are there great deals to be had.

One example were these Ann Taylor cashmere sweaters for $55 each! I ended up passing though, as I haven’t much patience for the care cashmere requires, nor much occasion for wear now, but I was sorely tempted, especially by the blue:

The following are some things I did end up picking up:

I got the necklace for 50% off at Ann Taylor Factory, and the cardigan for 40% off at Gap Factory. I’ve been wanting a cream-colored, light cardigan for fall, and while this was on the higher end of what I’d pay for one, I’m planning to get plenty of wear from it.

I also got two bow headbands from Claire’s. I’ve figured out that the more flexible, bone-material headbands are WAYY more comfy than metal ones, even though the latter usually comes in cuter styles. The black bow is almost a bit too much, but I’ve been wanting a giant bow for a while.

And lastly, I got this a few weeks back from the Juicy outlet store (I didn’t even know they had one). It’s a camel-colored wool capelet, and I love both the color and style. It looks a bit long, but I actually think it’s just the right length to keep you warm but not be down to the knees like a typical wool jacket.

Next on my wish list are new jeans, especially some long-sought-after white and patterned jeans. I tried the Old Navy Rockstar ones, but couldn’t locate the petite sizing in store and didn’t like how droopy the waist of the normal length ones were. It’s a shame, because those are at a fantastic price point and have such a great selection of prints. I’m stopping at AE next weekend (which is where most of my fave jeans are from), and hopefully can find some soon.

Lastly, a quick snap of a recent study session I had at the library for the CFA. I’ve downloaded the books onto my mobile, and that’s honestly been the most convenient method for me, because I can flip through a few pages anytime.

I also got my HP 12C financial calculator and have been mulling over the instructions (which you can download online). I bought a used one off ebay for ~30, which I think is about the best price I found (including craigslist). It’s actually a nifty tool, once you get the hang of how it processes equations.

If you’d like, feel free to follow me on Instagram (Jinsight), which I’ve just recently started using after FINALLY getting a non-blackberry smartphone. Thanks for reading!