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Truthfully, by this point the cruise started getting a bit wearisome. One more tip – it’s REALLY DRY inside the cabins. Like sore-throat causing dry. Try to bring a humidifier (I’m not kidding), or figure out early on to stuff the ceiling air vent with damp towels. Seriously, it was miserably dry.

Skagway I think was by far the most scenic of all the places we went. You just can’t beat grand, sky-high mountains and lush greenery.

There’s a quick, 10-min walk from where the ships park to the city itself. Don’t bother with the $2 shuttle unless you can’t bother with walking a quarter mile.

The town itself isn’t much to write home about appearance-wise. However, there was some great shopping. One benefit of going at the end of the season is that all the stores are doing sales by that point. There’s great deals on all sorts of items, and I ended up picking up a couple of magnetic / black stone jewelry items. Note, we did all our shopping at the Alaska Shirt Co. on the left.

The “magnetic” jewelry I picked up, for only $1 each! Does anyone else believe they help? Truthfully I don’t feel much different when I wear them, but I figure it can’t hurt. 

Victoria, on the other hand, was probably a much more interesting picture place, with its quaint city aspects and gorgeous port. It’s about a 30 min walk from the ships to the downtown area, which is beautiful since it’s along the water but also a bit tiring. I recommend cabbing at least one way (~$10) or taking an $8/each shuttle that I believe brings you a number of sites.

We also went into the legislature building.

Rather standard government building, but worth looking at.

It has a lovely lawn, complete with a statue of Queen Victoria and a fountain.

My mom also went to Chinatown, which is a walkable distance from downtown. I wasn’t feeling in the mood though, so didn’t get to see it.

Let me know if you’ve ever been to these places!