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Juneau is home to the Mendenhall glacier, which we were happy to take the opportunity to see after the failed cruise ship attempt to sail to some glaciers. Seriously, here was our view the morning we were meant to see glaciers from our ship:

Our captain gave up about an hour in, saying he didn’t dare try to sail further. It was all ice and no glaciers, plus a ton of fog. Disappointing, but at least we were able to take advantage of the Mendenhall glacier.

The bus park area right outside the glacier

The piece of white between the two mountains is the glacier itself. It’s pretty awe-inspiring, though supposedly it’s far smaller than it was even 50 years ago (yes, global warming).

There’s a bunch of shuttles that go there, for about $8 each way ($16 roundtrip). Or you can just take a bus for $2, though supposedly you have to walk an extra mile. We ended up going with the city tour, for ~25/person (the ticket lady gave us $5/off per person since we didn’t look too excited initially). The city tour wasn’t much to write home about, as Juneau is a tiny city.  We did get a beautiful view at the city from a scenic place across the way:

You could also see all the cruise ships parked by the pier.

Anyways, by the glacier is this lovely waterfall (I forget the name) and you can actually hike over to it. Sadly, we ran out of time and this was the closest I got :(. I recommend you budget at least a couple hours at the glaciers to really take advantage of the trails and see everything!

Aside from the glacier, you can also do many other activities, including a trolley ride up a mountain. It’s pretty pricey though, so we didn’t go on, but others did.

Or you can go shopping/explore the town.

Have any of you seen glaciers before?