Lots of new developments over the past week! First, I’m in the midst of preparing for a move to LA and this past Friday just closed out my last job. All this has involved moving out of my downtown studio (and vowing to never again stay on the ground floor of any place, after seeing all the accumulated dust), a trip to SF / Palo Alto / Sacramento, and a temporary move into a friend of my mom’s place in a very quiet, almost hermit-like wooded area in Renton.

Next, I’ve officially signed up to take the CFA Level 1 exam in June of next year. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, this makes me happy, as I’ve been mulling over whether or not to take it for the past year, and finally pulled the trigger. I’ve got all 6 of the prep books downloaded to my computer, and am excitedly taking time to look through them.

Tomorrow I head out to LA for a 4-day househunt, and then starting next Friday, I’m actually going on a cruise to Alaska. I’ve never gone on a cruise before, so will need to figure out what to pack and all that.

In between everything, I’ve been relaxing with a few dramas and watching fun beauty blogs. I started Game of Thrones season 1 a few days ago, and am intrigued. Like most HBO shows, it’s heavy in the gore and sexuality, but the gore-level isn’t as bad as Boardwalk Empire (for the most part).

For fun, I’ve also had my late-summer craving for ice cream fulfilled. Tried out the marionberry pie ice cream by Tillamook, and am really enjoying it. It’s pretty much blackberry flavored with some pieces of pie crust. Mmm.

I went shopping as well, and picked up both this fun scarf from BCBG (for ~$25 after 60% off) and this shirt from Old Navy (~$10). I love stripes, and also love all the colors on this scarf.