There’s something about the Myers-Briggs type-casting that irks me like no other now. My former job focused on it to such a degree that we would spend an hour each time we began a project focused on saying things like “I’m an ESTJ and therefore I do this…”

I don’t believe you can type people into 16 categories, and while it can be helpful to get a sense of who they are, it can also lead to stereotyping and forced assumptions.

Perhaps for me, technically an “ISTP” but borderline for pretty much all of them (borderline meaning confidence levels of about 1 versus a high of 30 and up), I find it incredibly irritating when people make judgements off my presumed type. I am technically an I, but I enjoy going out as much as many E friends, and in fact often prefer it to just sitting home alone. I’m also a P, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my neatness requirements or my lists of to-dos.

Which is indeed what I’ve started to do – devise bucket lists for all the cities I have or expect I’ll be in again:

I’ve been taking ideas off other people’s blogs, and I have to say it’s a brilliant thing to put together these lists. This way, you’ll never find yourself in a new city suddenly and without an idea as to what to do. If anything, I really wish I’d picked it up earlier, but feel like I’d trapped myself into the idea that I was a P and that I therefore wouldn’t like lists. Turns out I do like them, and like having them be as organized as possible too.

My other cities of interest are SF, LA, and Seattle. I will add London/Paris soon, but haven’t yet come across any good blogs that really delve into the fun things to do in those locations (though I suppose the Olympics might be a good source of insight).