…or so I hope. It’s interesting how things change and never fit what we expect. Truthfully, the last year wasn’t at all the perfection I’d imagined upon getting my “dream” job. What I thought I’d love ended up falling far short of expectations, to a disappointing degree.

Regardless though, I think I’m finally starting to feel more at peace, and much of it is owed to the decision to move forward and try something completely different.

To the memories:

A dim sum feast for 3 🙂

A pretty box of macaroons – that sadly weren’t as good as they looked

Cupcakes from a place a few blocks down from the office

A dimly-lit experience at Wayfare Tavern in SF (with two of my fave co-workers!)

My first, single-person studio. Tiny but functional.

My first time at a 5-star hotel (not that great, imo)

Trying some luxury bath products, only to discover I didn’t like the smell

Seeing an elephant at the Seattle zoo

Riding a boat over the lake

Enjoying a beachside view

Having a hearty bowl of Spanish seafood soup.

And that’s not even half of it. Won’t overwhelm this post with pictures, and instead must save them for a later occasion. Regardless, plenty of good buried in with the rough patches, and really does make me appreciate the time I’ve had.