Picture above is snapped from the Mariners vs. Oakland A’s game at Safeco a few weeks ago – really beautiful place, even if the game was sucky.

What a boring time it’s been, so nothing like figuring out some DIY crafts and indulging in some baked goods. I realize now that you don’t need to be artsy to create DIY stuff – you just need time on your hands, which I have in abundance. Creativity truly is a luxury for those without other mind-occupying commitments.

My DIY project? Taking notebooks and essentially wrapping magazine pages over the cover, to make them a bit more interesting. I am intent on turning these into fun planners so I can better keep track of everything in my life. The main problem is I forget to carry them around when I go anywhere so the blackberry still dominates.

I figure tho once I go back to school, these will be more useful and might make classes seem a bit more exciting.

I also tried the famed Seattle Macrina bakery’s Italian Plum Roll. It’s a rather pricey pastry at $3, but is pretty tasty. It’s just barely sweet, and oddly almost savory (but not quite). Maybe just due to the richness of the dough.

What do people do when work slows? I feel like I’m on this perpetual vacation, which sounds nice but really just results in boredom.