Outside of Chelsea market

While in NY, I decided to try out the cuisine in Chelsea Market. It reminds me of a slightly overpriced farmers market, but the food was nice, as was the ambiance.

Inside Lobster Place

There were tons of people sitting outside on the stools by Lobster Place, eating whole lobsters. I personally think it’s a bit messy and crowded (no seating to be found), but could be nice.

I got the lobster bisque there, which certainly wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but quite nice.

One Lucky Duck’s juice fridge

I also tried the orange juice at One Lucky Duck, but again wasn’t impressed. It was fresh and nice, but quite ordinary. Maybe I’ve just become more picky about my food 😛

Overall, I liked Chelsea Market, and would certainly recommend a day trip out there. Try not going during lunchtime on the weekend though, as it’s painfully crowded.