Whew, got stuck in SF til late last night due to the snow here in Seattle. It was also pouring rain all of Fri in SF, which resulted in a few gross puddle steps.

I generally think the Palace feels dirty (certain hotels make me feel itchy and scratchy for weird reasons), but this room was actually not bad.

Idk but their shining-isque halls are cool, though annoying to walk through in a rush.

My final night’s dinner: Ahi Tuna Tartare

Also tried the Prescott Bar for a wine event, but forgot to take pics. It was alright I thought, good for when you want something classy.

These are pretty cool, but taste disgusting. It’s like you pop the top up then literally  suck in and the powder goes into your mouth. Tastes like bitter, lime-y grossness, but pretty effective.

My first time taking Virgin, and I was impressed. The waiting area is one of the very few to have comfy chairs and plenty of plugs. Other airlines should take note!

Pretty window display – mmmm

Love Nordstrom’s Winterize Your Skin event – I think it’s made me an official fan of Shiseido (seriously, my skin was sooo soft and moisturized afterwards!)

And that’s it for this week!