This marks the end of my last non-busy week for a while. Good news is, I’m off to San Francisco tomorrow! Bad is that I’ve already become accustomed to having time to do what I want.

I made a trip to the local Asian supermarket, Uwajimaya, at the International District yesterday. It’s great because since I live in downtown, there’s a multitude of buses that take you down for free in the Ride Free Zone.

Lots of tasty snacks and breads present. I have a serious weakness for Asian sweet breads. mmm.

They have these little eateries right by the entrance as well.

Here’s the two purchases I was most excited about – a melon bread (literally tastes like melon) and Hayashi sauce, which is kind of like a Japanese-style beef stew usually eaten with rice.

During my week off I enjoyed plenty of antioxidant-rich teas, read magazines, and watched dramas 😛

I like this color, but it flakes off really easily despite the “No chip” label. This happened both with and without a base coat, so idk.

And some of the not so healthy snacks I enjoyed as well.