Monday:The office gym was seriously the most crowded I’ve ever seen it (this floor area was the only exception – I wanted to photograph the machines but people woulda thought I was creepy). All the New Years resolutions I guess. Compared to the hard-core workout people, I felt a bit out of place, flitting from one machine to the next without much dedication 😛

Gyms bore the crap out of me, and if it weren’t for my boredom/attempt to be healthy, I wouldn’t have gone in. In fact, this is the first time in MONTHS that I’ve stepped into this gym (even though it’s free….sad)

I also stopped by the library towards the evening. And what did I pick up?

The selection of DVDs there is pretty awesome. My ratio of DVD:books checkout is probably around 5, hah.

Mad Men was pretty good, and I’m excited for season 5. Don’s getting more smarmy than ever, but hopefully he’ll redeem himself before the series concludes.

Jane Eyre was almost painful to sit through. I didn’t feel the chemistry b/w the actors at all. It’s not a very good book to adapt, simply because most people who watch it will have read it already and know exactly what will happen. Plus, the two leads are purposely described as plain and ugly, which doesn’t visually translate well. Overall though, this was a step up from the previous adaptations.


Checked out more DVDs and a book on learning Korean. Also ate more junk food (and chocolate)

The Trip was a weird movie. A LOT of impressions by these two guys, which got a bit annoying after a while. The bromance was cute though. I wish there was more focus on food and less talking.

I got only halfway through The Housemaid, and it’s actually far less risque than I feared. Just a bit of nudity and some fairly censored sex scenes. Nothing like Lust, Caution, which is what I was envisioning. Relatively entertaining.


Gorgeous but chilly weather today. Took a boring online class that put me in a bad mood 😦 Hate it when you’re forced to do boring things to avoid total boredom.

Went for a quick intended shopping trip / walk, but didn’t actually buy anything.

Cute shampoos at Lush – totally like Macaroons right? I wanted to try one of their bath moisture bar things, but currently can’t figure out how to plug the water on my drain 😛

Whole Foods has these weird giant people statues – makes me think there’s actually a person out there when I enter / exit the store.

I wanted to try making a meatloaf, but didn’t want to cart all the ingredients home. Not to mention I need to get my baking pan from someone this weekend.

Aaaannnd with that the first half of a slow, slow week is over.