Just landed in Seattle, to be greeted by the typical slightly-cloudy-but-bright skies. It feels warmer than when I left, or maybe it’s just the fortune of coming in at noon.

So now I’m actually back in the office. Sorry for the lack of a decent camera right now – I’m relying on my blackberry until I purchase one.

I purchased this Hello Kitty wrist watch for under $2 from focalpoint 2 months back – and it finally came! Super cute right? The watch face is large so I have to wear it higher up, but I’ve been wanting an oversized watch.

Last night I embarrassingly couldn’t resist opening a case of See’s Candies to munch on. In high school I worked at one of these stores, so I’ve always got a soft spot for them.

Pretty packaging- I tied the ribbon 🙂

This box was actually an extra purchase from the last project. I meant to give it away to someone, but yeah…embarassing

Unfortunately the box didn’t have my two favorite flavors – Raspberry and Strawberry Cream. Mmmmmm. Sweet stuff.