Nothing like a new blog for the new year 😉 One of my resolutions is to be more active overall (i.e. exercise, socializing, etc.) and this seemed like a fun way to do so.

Today was actually the last day I spent back with my family in Norcal. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be back up in Seattle preparing to return to the office. During the day, I tried making this apple sharlotka recipe, which unfortunately ended up looking nothing like the pretty photo in the original recipe. The crust tasted kinda eggy too, so not my most successful cooking 😛

Mixing the batter to layer over the apples

Luckily the evening was an awesome way to close out. I joined a friend to watch some Elvis impersonators perform and jazz around the Thunder Valley casino. Everything from “young Elvis” to “Elvis in his later years”  was showcased by these performers. The singing was pretty top notch, as were the sparkly costumes.

Yikes – sorry for the lack of flash

All the Elvises gathering at the try-out hall

A bit blurry – it was so crowded and hard to shoot pics

One of the final four performances – Asian Elvis 🙂

Having spent a couple hours in the casino though, I can assuredly say that they aren’t my thing. So much smoke and icky heat. The smell literally worked its way into my hair and clothes 😦


Aside from the Elvis event, they also had this Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year weekly giveaway which was interesting to watch.


We did make a pitstop in between the auditions and the final rounds to my friend’s place, where I couldn’t resist photographing her cute little pets (especially the new kitten).